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Anti-Ageing Aesthetics is redefining the field of medical beauty care, focusing exclusively on non-surgical facial treatments where our medical experts, sophisticated environment and a customised approach come together to create an exceptional client experience. Using the latest technology, our doctors holistically assess your face and create a personalised care plan based on your individual needs.


At Anti-Ageing Aesthetics we have a vision to change the way people imagine and experience beauty. Every element of your journey has been thought through to create a truly innovative experience. Medical expertise, a scientific approach and a highly personalised patient experience are at the heart of this centre of excellence. From the moment you enter, you will feel a sense of luxury and calm.

Meet Dr. Nicky

Dr. Nicky is the founder of Anti-Ageing Aesthetics. A former dentist who entered the world of medical facial aesthetics in 2008, she has more than a decade of aesthetic and cosmetic training. Her goal is to develop remarkable skin health solutions that are not only affordable, but also non-surgical and highly effective. She is certified in a number of treatment modalities, including Botox, Dermal fillers, Threads, Plasma pen, Micro-needling and Chemical peels.

As a medical professional, she cares deeply about your health. For this reason, she strives to get to know each of her patients and provide them with the highest standard of service and care. She uses only high quality medical products that have gained respect and recognition over the years and are supported by sufficient clinical data.

She is a qualified dentist, aesthetics practitioner and transformational coach. She believes that beauty is created on the inside and only enhanced on the outside.
Her love for aesthetic medicine runs deep and she shares her passion with other medical professionals and colleagues during her training workshops.

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